Video interviewing software is fast becoming the next big thing for recruitment, showing a rapid increase in recent years use over telephone interviews according to the CIPD.

So why the vast difference? From a better hire for cultural fit and a reduced time-to-hire, to an improved candidate experience, it’s easy to see why video is the go-to choice for employers.

Still on the fence as to whether to use video to upgrade your recruitment process? Below are the top five reasons clients are time-and-again asking us to use our video interviewing software services.

1. Video interviewing has increased in use from 30% in 2013 to 53% in 2017

The use of Skype/video interviews is up from 30% in 2013 to 53% in 2017. Meanwhile, telephone interviews saw a meagre climb 56% to 65% in the same period

CIPD – Resource and Talent Planning 2017

Video interviewing is rapidly replacing telephone interviews. The CIPD’s survey supports our own experience: time and again clients are asking us about video interviewing to reduce time to hire, free up time, and ultimately, attempt to beat other employers after the same candidate.

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Video interview tools can be used in many ways to streamline your recruitment process, including:

  • Video job briefs
  • Candidate screening
  • First stage interviews
  • Video meetings and conference calls
  • Candidate promotion videos
  • Screen sharing (discuss CV’s, job briefs, social profiles, online portfolios, work samples, presentations, etc.).

2. You can review and rule candidates out or in quickly for cultural fit

Using video interviews at this early stage lets employers meet a vast number of candidates quickly and get a sense of who they are. Although this can be done over the phone, video brings everything to life and allows people to show their personality better, so you can both assess whether there is a good cultural fit.

3. Candidates prefer it – so it improves the candidate experience

The best talent on the market is likely to be time-pressurised. Candidates can’t afford to take time off work for a company they’re not sure they’ll be as happy with as their current employer.

Normally, trying to coordinate the diaries of the hiring manager, MD, HR and candidate is a minefield. Video interviewing makes it much easier for you to schedule interviews, at a time to suit you and the candidate. Location is no longer a first-hurdle deal breaker.

Video interview software allows you to enter a virtual meeting room whenever and wherever you need to, meaning communicating with top talent is easier than ever. It doesn’t matter where you are –  as long as you’ve got an internet connection you can attend your meeting or interview at the click of a link on your mobile, tablet or laptop.

And candidates that like what they see have the reassurance needed to book time off work for follow-up face-to-face interviews.

After all, interviews are a two-way process.

4. It helps you attract the passive market

The skills gap and the challenges it brings is nothing new to those involved in recruiting. The passive market is understandably even more reluctant to take time off work for an interview than active candidates.

Video interviewing enables both parties to get a much greater feel for whether the conversation if worth pursuing earlier in the process, without any added stress or hassle.

5. You can review the interviews before making tough decisions

Quite often in recruitment, you may be torn between two candidates. The best video interviewing software allows you to record all interviews and conference calls, so there’s no need to be scribbling down notes as you speak. You can then simply share the recording with whoever you need for their thoughts and comments.

With all the above in mind (never mind potential interviews across different countries and time zones), there’s no question that video interview software can reduce costs significantly.


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