A big thank you to everyone that came to our Peak Planning Breakfast Event last Thursday at the Hilton Northampton.

As a specialist Logistics, Supply Chain, Procurement & Buying recruitment consultancy, we take a huge interest in the key challenges that our clients face in their industries and planning for the ‘peak period’ is one that always tops the list in the logistics & retail sectors.

We heard from guest speakers Eamonn Boland, Divisional Warehouse General Manager for Almarai and Stuart Fairbairn, Head of HR & Training at Spectrum for Arcadia, both experts within the Logistics and Supply Chain function. Eamonn has spent time working in the Middle East and shared on the cultural challenges of peak planning in businesses in the Middle East, while Stuart about resource planning for peak period and how to efficiently induct and manage peak employees.

The event was a great opportunity for our clients to meet with one another, sharing best practice and discussing how they meet tight deadlines and keep things running smoothly during the peak period in their business.

If you couldn’t make it to our event you will be able to find a summary of the key takeaways from both presentations in two upcoming blogs, so keep your eyes peeled!