In light of yesterday evenings Oscar Awards ceremony, we’ve been reflecting on our own award-winning recruitment consultant team. 

At the Cast UK Annual Presentation in 2015 we had 6 categories for our ‘Cast UK Orange Awards’. All of our winners were awarded with shiny gold Oscar statues to celebrate their achievements

Here’s the top 5 qualities we think are needed to become an award-winning recruitment consultant:

1. Being an expert at building relationships

At Cast UK, building rewarding relationships is central to everything we do. Being a successful recruitment consultant is about working in partnership with clients and candidates to fulfil their requirements and provide a great outcome. A good recruiter is approachable, honest and willing to invest time with their clients and candidates to build long-term and meaningful relationships.

2. Having an entrepreneurial spirit 

In our business, consultants are responsible for their own geographical region and actively encouraged to manage this as they would their own business. Our consultants are accountable for their own actions and are able to learn from the outcomes. Self-discipline and good time management mean that consultants are efficient in their work.

3. Having great listening skills and being a clear communicator

As a recruiter you’ll spend most of the day communicating with people but the best recruiters spend just as much time listening as they do speaking. Active listening means you’re better equipped to help your clients and candidates and understand their needs. Equally, top recruiters know the right way to speak to clients and candidates, asking the relevant questions to get the information needed to do the best job possible.

4. Having resilience

Another important quality of a good recruiter is the ability to bounce back from disappointment or failure. Nothing is more discouraging than spending weeks working hard to bring a client and candidate together, only to have something out of your control destroy the opportunity.

As a recruiter you will come up against many tough situations but the key is to keep your head in the game and not give up under pressure. The hard work always pays off in the end!

5. Being results driven

Our working environment revolves around clear targets and results. Recruitment isn’t an easy industry to work in but there is no limit to what can be achieved if you’re persistent. However, a professional consultant will know how to be persistent without crossing the line; it’s important not to come across pushy or aggressive. We think it’s really important to be ‘Confident not arrogant, personable yet professional’.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a top quality recruitment consultant, then Cast UK are looking for individuals like you. To find out more about our consultant job vacancies click here or contact Rachel on 0161 413 6902.