Interim professionals can offer a flexible and immediate solution to an organisational problem. Here’s how interim managers can offer value to your business:

1. Expertise

Interim managers are well qualified to undertake the roles they are assigned to and have years of experience operating at a senior level in their relevant field. The knowledge and expertise that an interim manager can offer fills any skills gaps that your business may have.

2. Objectivity

Interim professionals are unaffected by any company politics or deep-rooted culture and are not be distracted by issues within the business, focusing solely on the project that they are assigned to. They enter the business with an open mind, providing an honest and unbiased perspective with which they can offer their advice on moving forward.

3. Return on Investment

Interim managers deliver a meaningful ‘ROI’ to a business through their assigned project targets. Value is derived from their skills and expertise, providing a solution to a problem, delivering a project or mitigating a risk that your business may be facing.

4. Speedy availability

Speed is of the essence: Interim managers can be identified and start working your business within 48 hours, meaning there are no time constraints or delays. Their ‘raison d’etre’ is to complete assignments quickly and consistently. Due to their extensive experience, it takes them little to no time to pick up company systems and procedures and begin to make meaningful progress with their assignment.

5. Accountability

Interim managers take responsibility for a project or a problem within a business, acting as a leader and not just an advisor, as they are professionals that expect to be held accountable for outcomes. For this reason, they are confident in taking charge of a project, giving you the confidence of knowing that everything well in hand.

6. Commitment to you

An interim manager’s reputation dictates their success in obtaining future assignments. This is because businesses choose an interim professional based upon referrals and proven track record of delivering projects successfully. They therefore are committed to delivering all assignments successfully.

In addition, they continue to add value after leaving, providing a seamless handover so that the changes made are embedded into the organisation. This is done through the development of in-house managers and providing advice on how to instil new ways of working during their time with your organisation.

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