The Irish branch of the Freight Transport Association (FTAI) is advising HGV operators to make the most of a month-long toll holiday in the country.

It reports that Fine Gael TD Leo Varadkar, minister for transport, travel and sport in Ireland, recently gave confirmation of details of a month-long ‘toll-holiday’ pilot next month while tackling a Parliamentary Question on October 1st – this will be happening in November on routes such as the M3, M1, Limerick Tunnel and M6.

Feedback given to the minister has led to the choice of these routes, the FTAI reports, and he gave examples of places it’s thought a lot of HGVs avoid toll costs.

These were the M3 between Dublin and Kells, the M1 road outside Drogheda, the M6 between Ballinasloe and Galway as well as the aforementioned tunnel.

The association reports that the TD recently gave word that he had asked the country’s National Roads Authority to check out how feasible it would be to lift HGV tolls for a month in a trail across one or more of the country’s motorways.

“By trialing a toll free month on these routes I want to see if HGV operators can be persuaded to use the motorways more,” he reportedly said.

Now, the Irish FTA wants members as well as any freight operators out there to use these toll routes fully while they cost nothing to drive on in an HGV.

It wants members to make the most of this chance for measuring costs, by making a comparison between fuel used and the amount of time saved when driving on roads that would normally be tolled instead of back roads.

“FTA Ireland believes that freight operators should take full advantage of using the named tolled motorway roads for free,” commented FTAI general manager, Tom Wilson.

“Freight operators could benefit hugely in saving fuel costs, journey times and vehicle wear and tear, and the opportunity of a month’s toll holiday is one that they shouldn’t ignore.”

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