Glasgow’s upcoming Commonwealth Games were being discussed September 26th when the Scottish Supply Chain Conference was held  by the Freight Transport Association (FTA).

This sporting occasion is set to arrive in Glasgow in 2014.

The FTA itself worked alongside the likes of Transport for London and LOCOG in the run up to one of the biggest sports events to happen recently, London 2012.

Because of this it says it knows how important it is to provide as large a volume of information as is possible as early as can be achieved for the benefit of Commonwealth Games logistics providers, and others operating in the Glasgow area. This will allow them to do forward planning for the sporting occasion, it suggests.

If information is not forthcoming, logistics and freight operators won’t feel prepared.

The Association wants the authorities organising the occasion and those organisation road network operation around it, to give details about route changes in the Glasgow area as soon as they can, to facilitate pre-planning.

“We’re working closely with the organisers to shape the plans and disseminate information for FTA members,” commented Chris MacRae, head of policy for Scotland at the FTA.

“But, our experience from London and the Olympic Games 2012, is that we need as much information, as early as possible, to identify which customers will be affected and to develop appropriate solutions.”

These detail don’t have to be perfect, he explained, as the logistics sector is able to manage change. However, it cannot plan with no information to work on.

He also suggested that introducing a Commonwealth Games Freight Team would support planning for the sector.

“We need people with industry experience on the inside cross checking that the plans will work for freight and logistics organisations who will be operating in and around Scotland during the Games,” he said.

The head of policy also stated that London 2012 had gone smoothly, logistically speaking. However, this was because the industry planned meticulously and worked in close partnership “with the organisers and transport authorities,” he explained.

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