Gary Robinson, Cast UK’s Logistics Director, is counting down the weeks until he competes in his first ‘Tough Mudder’ event to raise much needed funds for a local charity that Cast UK work closely with.

On the 7th September Gary will tackle ‘Tough Mudder’ which is a 12 mile assault course with up to 25 of the toughest obstacles to overcome.  Obstacles include Artic Enema, Boa Constrictor, Cliff Hanger, Electric Shock Therapy and Fire Walker.

This is not a pastime for the faint hearted especially as the obstacle named Electric Shock Therapy, involves running through a field of live wires, some of which contain up to 10,000 volts!

So the question is why somebody would want to put them self through such a challenge?  Gary Robinson commented “Tough Mudder is an event that I have considered doing for a couple of years now but something else has always got in the way.  Running the event for the Clip Clop Ponies charity has given me the motivation to ensure that this is the year”

Clip Clop Ponies is a remarkable charity that works tirelessly to ensure that the young children it supports and the ponies and horses it rescues are cared for in a safe and fun environment.

The charity rehabilitates unwanted ponies and horses, of which there are over 6000 in the UK. As well as getting the love and attention they deserve, they are used to help children with autism and other psychological problems – and their families. The process of caring for these equine therapists really helps with bonding and character building, and can go a long way in the children’s development. Plus it’s a great way of getting out and about in the fresh air and becoming active.

“Clip Clop Ponies is 100% reliant on the donations that it receives to ensure it can continue the excellent service it provides in the local community”.  In addition Gary also highlighted that “The charity has captured the hearts of the community and volunteer numbers are also up which is great news as this will allow for more children and their families to benefit”.

We will keep you up to date on how Gary gets on with the ‘Tough Mudder’ event and if you would like to sponsor Gary ahead of the event then please contact Erika Robinson at Clip Clop Ponies 07738 415119 or Andrea Rowe at Cast UK on 0161 825 0825.