Deputy prime minister Nick Clegg has announced that 20 new City Deals have been approved around the country, which should help to boost the logistics sector in these areas.

City Deals are awarded by the government to cities around the UK which are able to put forward convincing long-term plans for sustainable growth, and grant local authorities greater freedom from Whitehall in the shape of increased financial and planning powers to shape their own development.

A number of different cities around the country have now had their bids approved, each focusing on a specific area of its local economy as a driver of growth. The City Deals will enable local authorities to go ahead with proposed developments and improve regional infrastructures by building new roads and other transport networks.

The Black Country, for example, has had its proposal approved based on its stated intention to grow its iconic automotive and aircraft manufacturing sector. Elsewhere, Southampton and Portsmouth's joint bid is centred on developing the region's maritime industry by investing in the transport and logistics facilities that are needed to support the growth of this sector.

With the approval of these City Deals, countless new construction projects are now being planned across the UK, all of which is likely to result in the creation of large numbers of new logistics jobs in order to meet the rising demand for the necessary materials and equipment.

Once completed, these projects will enable the UK to increase its output of manufactured goods, therefore sparking a knock-on effect within the logistics sector by increasing the need for efficient transport and delivery services, as well as placing increased pressure on the country's supply chain in order to support this manufacturing.

In response to the news that 20 new City Deals have now been granted, Mr Clegg commented: "Even more places will be free from Whitehall control and have the tools to power their own growth. These deals help cities and their wider areas make once in a generation changes that will be felt by everyone across their region."

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