The Road Haulage Association (RHA) has given its backing to new measures being introduced by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) that are designed to further safeguard the livelihoods of those in legitimate logistics jobs.

Under the new plans, HMRC will up its efforts in clamping down on those haulage firms that operate using diesel that is not fully duty-paid.

The announcement of the new protocol comes following the tax body's close collaboration with the Vehicle and Operators Services Agency and the Traffic Commissioners.

All three organisations are eager to clamp down on offending fleet operators, with the new plans set to be enforced across the entirety of the United Kingdom.

The change will see any offending logistics firm using fuel that is not subject to full duty payment, which should have known that the diesel in question was not legal, reported to the authorities by HMRC.

Any hauliers concealing large quantities of excise goods like alcohol and tobacco will also be reported by the UK tax body.

Commenting on the plans, RHA chief executive Geoff Dunning backed the plans to bring positive change to the industry and provide more support for those businesses operating within the current rules.

"This new protocol represents a radical and much-needed improvement in the co-ordination of the enforcement and regulatory effort. It should mean a transformation in reporting – and it is vital that is what happens in practice," he said.

"I am much encouraged by HMRC’s assurance that it shares the RHA’s determination to eliminate non-compliance in respect of fuel duty and the damaging impact that has on legitimate hauliers. HMRC in turn deserves industry support in the work it is doing to combat use of diesel that is not duty-paid."

In addition to backing the new clamp down plans, the Mr Dunning also promised to stay vigilant of any hauliers that may be operating outside of the law.

The move comes just months after chancellor George Osborne announced that he was scrapping plans for a three pence rise in fuel duty.

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