Britain’s nuclear supply chain could soon receive a boost following the launch of a new project by the National Skills Academy for Nuclear, at a time when the number of competent workers in the logistics field appears to be dwindling.

A new study by recruitment firm Cooper Lopez has revealed a shortage of skills in the supply chain in some of areas of the country, with East Anglia singled out as a region where this problem is particularly acute, according to Supply Management.

The company’s joint managing director, Charlotte Cooper, says the results of the survey indicate an alarming lack of suitable candidates with the relevant skills and qualifications at a time when demand for competent logistics co-ordinators and production planners is rising.

In an attempt to tackle the problem, many of the companies surveyed said their preferred tactic was to bring in specialist contractors in order to work on supply chain issues over a short period of time, rather than investing in training programmes for students and apprenticeships.

The firm is now recommending logistics service providers to consider setting up skills development schemes for young people in order to bring new blood into the industry and ensure the future proliferation of the workforce.

In response to the apparent shortage of skilled logistics workers in certain industries, the National Nuclear Gateway Project is set to be launched following the closing of a funding deal with the UK Commission for Employment and Skills.

As the country’s nuclear industry continues to grow, the need to generate a larger skilled workforce in order to fill the increasing number of supply chain jobs becomes more urgent, which is why the project says it is committed to “equipping businesses and their supply chain with the fundamental skills at the right level and the right time”.

The two-year scheme will provide accreditation for apprenticeships and professional development courses, as well as helping businesses to identify which areas of their operations are lacking in skilled workers, before enabling them to bridge these gaps by supplying the relevant training and resources.

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