Top Ten Candidate Excuses

As recruiters it’s frustrating to hear if a candidate has not attended an interview, however some excuses we have heard over our 13 years have made us laugh. Here are our top ten worst, best or most unusual candidate excuses we’ve had over to get out of an interview. Some of them we hear time & time again, while others are somewhat less common!


Hot Topic: Project Recruitment

Project recruitment is a hot topic at the moment, this is when we take ownership of the recruitment requirements for whole projects, sites or operations.

The outlook for recruitment for Quarter 4

September is traditionally a very busy month in recruitment with activity in the employment market full activity following the slow Summer period and this year is looking to follow this trend.

ROI: Are Interim Managers good value for money?

We often encounter clients that tell us day rates for interim managers amount to daylight robbery, but is that really the case? There are many benefits to using an interim manager, they are often less expensive than you think & the ROI they bring is invaluable.

Comparing PAYE & Interim Managers

The biggest mistake clients make is to simply take the day rate & x it by the number of working days in the year, for example 260 x £500 is made to look like an annual salary of £130k!

In fact, this is far from the truth. In simple terms day rates should be calculated like this:

Five reasons why outsourcing is a great idea

I have worked as a professional recruiter now for 14 years so I have witnessed many changes in the industry. Technology and the growth of social recruitment has clearly led the way but one thing that has remained constant is people, and the skill needed to find and engage with candidates.

Pay growth reflects the tightening employment market

The latest ONS figures show that unemployment for the quarter ending in June fell by 57,000 on the previous three months, while the jobless rate stands at a 42 year low of 4.4%. Statistics show that employment now stands at the highest rate ever since records began in 1971.

How to overcome Summer hiring challenges

During July, August and September it’s not uncommon for businesses to slow down with their hiring efforts.

UK vacancies and applications on the up

In July, the UK as a whole experienced a 1.1% increase in candidate applications, as well as a jump in the number of advertised vacancies, according to the latest figures from CV Library. There was an 8.3% rise in job vacancies during the period of last month compared to the same period in 2016.

Peak Recruitment - Tips for Success

I’ve been recruiting in the logistics and transport sector for almost 10 years now but prior to this, as some of you may know, I worked in logistics myself.

The outlook for recruitment in Quarter 3

We found that the market throughout Q2 remained steady showing promising signs for recruitment in quarter 3.