Guest blog: Business Improvement - Will v Skill?

Never confuse lack of will with lack of skill...


“When you feel the urge to reach into someone’s chest, pull out their still beating heart, and jump up and down on their lifeless corpse, it’s rarely because of their lack of skill”.


So said my HR Director (!) when speaking about the difference between those who don’t have the capability to do what you need, and those who could do it, but just can’t be bothered.


It’s an important distinction to make.


Guest blog: Supply Chain Consequences of Supermarket Mergers

Since their acquisition of Argos back in 2016, it seems Sainsburys have been left with an insatiable appetite for more; and as we approach mid-year 2018, the FMCG retailer has revealed plans to merge with their supposedly regarded rivals, north of the wall; Asda.

Following the successful integration of Argos into Sainsbury’s stores two years previous, many may now question whether the true purpose of this strategy was more advanced, than to seemingly provide consumers with added value, and a more convenient in-store customer-experience.


New partnership for dairy cooperative and supplier

Cheese supplier Adams Foods and dairy cooperative First Milk are now in a strategic partnership, they have announced.