As professional recruiters, one of the challenges the companies we work with mention time and time again, is how tough it is to compete for talent in current job market.

We’ve put together a list of the things you should be doing to gain the upper hand over your competitors.

So, how can you gain the edge?

1. Project planning and pitching your opportunity
  • The creation of a bespoke project plan will help to ensure your timeframes are adhered, so you’ll always know if your project is on track.
  • Expertly written job descriptions and person specifications and accurate salary benchmarking will make your opportunity attractive to the right target market of candidates.

2.  Effective employer branding & spreading the word

  • When working with recruiter, you want to find a consultant that will act as an extension of your brand, selling your unique culture and opportunity and ensuring a positive experience for candidates throughout the process.
  • Video job briefs are another way to present your role, brand, culture and values, making your opportunity stand out from the competition.
  • Branded careers or ‘work for us’ web pages designed to explain your company background, missions, values and live job opportunities will help candidates to find out more about your business.
  • Branded job adverts and a full advertising campaign, promoting your role across numerous leading job boards and social channels will extend your reach and increase the exposure of your role to the target market.

3.  Conducting an extensive search

  • A specialist recruiter will have an extensive network of candidates in the field with the skills you require; a comprehensive database search will find the best active and passive talent in the marketplace.
  • If you have very specific and uncommon skills and experience requirements, consider headhunting instead.

4.  Refining the choices

  • Undertake psychometric testing and personality profiling to enable you to better understand a candidate’s working styles and behaviour and their ability to do the job before making a decision on meeting them.
  • Video interviewing all candidates can save you valuable time and will speed up your interviewing process, at the same as giving you a deeper insight into candidate personality.

5.  Providing on-going aftercare

  • Once you have offered the job and your dream candidate has accepted, it’s important that they receive regular communication with a clear point of contact to offer the successful candidate support through their notice period before starting in your business.
  • Your new employee will still require care after their start date, with someone to speak to who can ensure they are settling in well and offer any support they need. Remember, a positive candidate experience from start to finish is vital in retaining employees.

Sounds like a lot to remember, right? But all of the above will ensure your company the greatest chance of securing the best talent out there.

All the above, and more, are included in our Edge Service Bundle. If you’d like to find out more, please follow the link below for more information.

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