I have worked as a professional recruiter now for 14 years so I have witnessed many changes in the industry. Technology and the growth of social recruitment has clearly led the way but one thing that has remained constant is people, and the skill needed to find and engage with candidates.

One noticeable shift is the rise of RPO (recruitment process outsourcing). We have seen many large organisations go down this route and invest in this area. However, outsourcing your recruitment is not just for large PLC’s. In fact, SME’s and outsourcing specialist departments can be equally (if not more) effective.

Below are five reasons to outsource your recruitment;

  1. Cost

Did you know that most clients save an average of 65% when outsourcing their recruitment function? The true cost of recruitment for a business is significant. Factor in the salaries for the recruitment team, benefits, training, tools, etc then it soon adds up. Furthermore, factor in interviewing time for your line managers or the cost of a bad hire, then outsourcing really starts to make sense.

  1. Focus

An outsourced recruitment team’s main and only focus is finding talent for your business. They do not get involved in any other aspect of your business and are not interested in office politics! Moreover, they are skilled and trained recruiters that specialise in your market so it makes sense they are going to be more efficient at finding talent, leaving you to get on with running your business...

  1. Network

Outsourcing to a specialist and dedicated recruitment team automatically extends your network to candidates that you cannot reach. Each year, our team interacts with over 500,000 candidates plus our social network has circa 195,000 unique viewers each month. Outsourcing to specialists automatically gives you access to this talent plus you can feel secure in the knowledge that internally the recruitment team are collaborating, training and sharing best practices to ensure your network is constantly being replenished with top talent.

  1. Scalability

By outsourcing to a recruitment partner, you can scale quickly knowing that your outsourced recruitment team can flex along with the demands of your business.

  1. Systems & Tools

Investing in the right tools is vital to recruitment success. However, investing in LinkedIn, job boards, social recruitment, applicant tracking systems, etc can be costly and difficult to manage. Outsourcing and having a fixed monthly charge makes both financial and practical sense.

If you are thinking of outsourcing your recruitment or have a specific project that you need help with then you should be considering outsourcing your recruitment. You may be pleasantly surprised how much this makes sense and ask yourself why you have not done this sooner!

If you have an outsourcing requirement why not call us for an information chat? We can advise & help with many different options on offer. Call 0161 825 0825 or visit www.castuk.com


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