In quarter 1 of this year the number of supply chain and procurement roles in the UK rose by a huge 43% compared to the same period in 2016.

Mid to senior level positions make up the largest part of the new jobs accounting for over a third of vacancies in total. We are seeing the same trends reflected in the requirements of our clients, with management and senior level roles in buying, procurement and supply chain continually on the up each month.

One of the key reasons behind businesses hiring an increased number of supply chain and procurement professional is the need for specific skills and experience to develop new strategies during Brexit. It is thought that the uncertainty around politics and the economy in recent times is key driver behind this need to improve supply chain efficiency.

UK businesses need to be able to identify the opportunities and problems that the coming years will bring; by improving efficiency they can stay ahead of the game, should the UK economy take a hit.

Unsurprisingly and consistent with the increased demand for candidates, supply chain and procurement salaries have risen year on year since 2014, exceeding the average UK salary increase. As specialist recruiters in this area, this is something we have also seen an increase in since last June’s Brexit vote.

We have unrivalled access to the UK’s best supply chain and procurement talent, both passive and active. If you have a requirement within your Supply Chain or Procurement team, get in touch and speak to one of our experts today on 0161 825 0825.


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