Struggling to find the right kind of candidates for your senior level vacancies? You know what you need in a candidate but can’t seem to secure the correct talent?

Don’t panic, here’s 4 warning signs that you need some help from a specialist professional recruiter…

  1. Can’t find the right candidates?

When you're recruiting within your company, especially for more senior roles, the chances are that your ideal candidate is probably happy in their current role and unlikely to be actively looking for a new role.

A specialist recruiter has an extensive database of experienced candidates and has the expertise to headhunt these candidates on an executive search basis. Their knowledge of your industry means they can identify individuals and target their search towards them, whether they are active job seekers or not.

Specialist recruiters will also have the resources to advertise the role on job boards dedicated to the specialism you’re recruiting in, meaning you will receive applications from candidates with relevant experience and of the correct calibre for the role.

  1. Can’t secure candidates?

So, you’ve managed to get hold of the appropriate candidates but you’re having trouble keeping them engaged through the recruitment process?

Not only do you need to persuade them that the opportunity with your business is the best but in most cases, you’ll need to convince them to leave their current company.

Securing candidates can be a huge barrier to hiring and relying on monetary reward can be risky and makes it easy for candidates to be counter-offered. Professional recruiters are experts at assessing the candidate in advance of the recruitment process to ensure that your opportunity is the ideal next step for them on their career ladder and is aligned with their ambitions.

  1. Don’t have an internal recruiting team or your recruiting team don’t know what to look for

If you don’t have a dedicated team for talent acquisition and hiring the chances are you’ll be missing out on the best candidates. In today’s job market where we are experiencing skills shortage across many industries, candidates with relevant experience and key skills are in short supply and hard to come by if you don’t know where to look.

Even if you do have an internal recruitment team, they may be overwhelmed with demand for additional staff or may not be specialist enough to know what they’re looking for in a specific candidate or where to find them.

  1. The position is key to your business?

If the position you’re hiring for is senior level and crucial to your business success, you can’t afford to get it wrong.

If the role has been open for a long time and the cost of not having the right person in this role is harming your company, it’s time to turn to a professional recruiter who specialises in recruiting candidates for this particular type of role. You’ll save valuable time and money and prevent the risk of making the wrong hire.

If you need help with your recruitment requirements or are looking for an executive search recruiter to find the ideal candidate for your business, get in touch today on 0161 825 0825 or find out more about our services here.


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