Its generally assumed that the annual recruitment charge happens in January, but with 73 days to go, while you may be day dreaming of turkey & vaguely considering starting your Christmas shopping sometime soon, others are already ahead of the game, swinging into action and making plans to start their recruitment drive before the Christmas season.

It might seem counter intuitive, but particularly in the current skills gap climate, with experienced professionals in short supply, it definitely pays to fire the recruitment process starting pistol now, and not on January 3rd.

What are the advantages?

1. Well, for a start, statistics suggest you will pay at least a 10 – 15% premium to secure the best talent in the January transfer window, compared to December.

2. In the job frenzy of January, you are much more likely to find yourself embroiled in a Dutch auction with a number of competitors trying to snaffle your favourite candidate.

3. With less competing companies, a timely recruitment push in November & December ensures you can take your pick from a full talent pool with reduced risk of losing out to others, or having to make expensive counter offers.

4. If you fire your hiring gun on January 3rd, you will find that suddenly the whole of January has disappeared before your new employee starts, meaning that you are already behind 2017’s targets, before 2017 has even begun.

5. Avoiding the January bunfight can be a bonus, often great CVs can be lost amongst the slew of candidates that made a new year’s resolution to change their job only to decide three weeks later that they’re actually happy where they are…

6. In some sectors, it can be a quieter time to complete induction & training

7. Candidates can engage with other team members and get to know them at a very social time of the year.

8. It can be a great time of year to introduce your new employee to clients at seasonal social events in a more relaxed atmosphere.

So what are you waiting for?

Secure the best people for your business by starting your recruiting process before Christmas.

Cast UK are offering a festive hamper to any client that registers a role which one of our candidates accepts before Christmas Day.

Email or call 0161 825 0825 quoting “Merry CASTmas”


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