With last March’s announcement that it would be delayed 12 months, and with the global pandemic raging on in the meantime, it’s natural that you may have tuned out the noise around the private sector IR35 reform. However, the changes are expected to come into effect this time around. And 6th April is closer than you think…

If your workforce is a mixture of permanent team members and contractors who bridge the gap, you really can’t afford to do nothing. Here, we explain exactly why you need to act now – or else risking the success of your business.

Keep projects on schedule

If your organisation, like many businesses, is either undertaking or considering a logistics or supply chain transformation project, you could put its delivery at risk if you attempt to ignore the IR35 reform.

IT and RPA form an integral part of these types of projects. So, in order to plan the implementation of new systems or the automation of existing processes, you need to be able to assess and engage compliantly with contractors in areas like these.

Bring in expertise from day one

Whilst permanent staff have their advantages, they do generally require a degree of training up. Contractors, on the other hand, are ready to start putting their specialist skill sets to good use from the very moment you engage their services.

It’s for this reason that we’re seeing more and more jobs being offered as a contract role where they would have previously never been considered as one – particularly in HR and finance, as well as those related to setting up warehouse management systems, manufacturing sites and distribution centres. Contracting is becoming synonymous with expertise, regardless of the specialism.

Capitalise on the gig economy

The world of work is changing. Our 2020 expert whitepaper on the ‘new normal’ showed that business leaders, from all different sectors, desired a more   They believe that this will enable them to adapt quickly and efficiently to the situation at hand, whether there’s a crisis or not. To achieve this level of agility, an interim workforce who can be onboarded rapidly and immediately contribute their expertise is crucial.

2020 also proved that many jobs can be done remotely with the same (or increased) levels of productivity. This means your talent pool has now essentially opened up to include those from anywhere in the world. Businesses that recognise this can capitalise on the access to a larger range of talent and skills than is available in their local area – including high-calibre contractors.

What you need to do now

To get ahead of the pack, you should prepare for the IR35 reform now – starting with the legalities.

Whilst this may seem scary, it doesn’t have to be. We can audit your legal requirements for IR35, manage the whole process for you, and remove the financial risk from hiring contract or freelance workers. We do this through:

Workforce analysis

Our free audit and analysis services will assess every one of your contractor assignments to understand whether they’re inside IR35, and the level of risk you’re exposed to.


Our free audit and analysis service will assess every one of your contractor assignments to understand whether they’re inside IR35, and the level of risk you’re exposed to.

SDS reports

The IR35 reform will bring a fair amount of paperwork with it. These Status Determination Statements are no mean feat, so let us manage the process on your behalf.

Supply chain compliance 

We’ll give you complete visibility of the entire contractor supply chain, so you can be certain that every single stakeholder is compliant.

With CASTIR35, you can have complete peace of mind. You’ll have one point of contact, and we’ll pull together all of your contractors – whether you hire them directly or through a third party. We’ve recruited contractors since 2005, so we’re well equipped to shoulder the responsibility and leave you to focus on your core operations.

CASTIR35 IR35 contractor solution

It’s time to act on IR35. Visit our CASTIR35 solution page, call 0333 121 3345 or email hello@castuk.com to get started.