It has been a strange 12 months for the job market. In 2020, we saw candidates apply for hundreds of positions before finally landing themselves a role, and employers were often drowning in CVs for single vacancies. At the beginning of 2021, however, it seems that there are fewer candidates to compete with.

But does that mean you can rest on your laurels? Of course not. You don’t want to miss out on your next career move because you assumed you’d be the best of the bunch. You’ll still need to stand out, and specialising is the answer. Here’s why…


Employers can pretty much pick and choose between generalists. But if you have something that the others don’t, then it limits their choice – and increases your chances of winning the role.

What’s more, COVID-19 has overturned what a business traditionally needs – and therefore the skill sets it requires from its team. More specialists are needed to tackle new challenges and meet new aims. Particularly sought-after specialisms and positions right now include:

  • Strategic C-suite (which requires a stronger leadership team)
  • Strategic procurement and import/export specialists
  • Data savvy employees at all levels
  • Supply Chain Data Analysts
  • Logistics operations roles such as freight forwarders (to meet import/export demand)


A specialism will also help you to shine in the job market because it shows you’re devoted to a niche area. It is clear that you have the right level of knowledge and skills to do your role. By positioning yourself as an expert, you can sell yourself as an expert – not only appealing to potential employers, but allowing you to up your pay in the process.

Show that you’ve got some knowledge across many areas, however, and you could be seen as a ‘jack of all trades, master of none’. It’ll seem like you’ve spent time in lots of different fields, but not necessarily gained sufficient experience and skills in any of them.


When we think of specialists, we associate them with admirable attributes: they’re hard-working, diligent, dedicated and creative. So, when an employer sees that you’ve set your mind on a certain path, then you’ve already gained instant credibility.

Your reputation precedes you, and you’ll make a fantastic first impression that’s hard to shake. As a result, not only will you be able to stand out in the current job market, but you’ll have more roles to choose from too.

Our Salary & Benefits Guide 2021 revealed that candidates were worried about the impact of Brexit and the pandemic on their job security – at 31.91% and 47.97% respectively. Whilst just over half (53.74%) of those surveyed were optimistic about the future job market, it’s incredibly important to candidates that they work for a stable business.

This is where we can help. Cast UK work closely with our clients, so we can give you the inside track. We’ll work closely with you, too, in order to understand your requirements and better support you in making your best next career move. We pride ourselves on treating candidates as individuals rather than just someone to fill a role – helping with everything from CV writing and access to professional networking to social media coaching and employer negotiation.

We also have a number of specialisms (including procurement & purchasing, supply chain, logistics, transport & warehousing, buying & merchandising, and HR & people), so we’re able to support you regardless of where your expertise lies.

Insights from our Salary & Benefits Guide 2021

We recently released our Salary & Benefits Guide 2021, which surveyed more than 100 candidates across our specialisms. The guide covers key hiring trends, average salaries, the most-in demand skills and experience, the impact of key events such as the pandemic, and an overview on what candidates like you want and value.

Download the guide here.

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