The 2020 job market is a whole different landscape to the one we’re used to. COVID-19 has triggered an abundance of job seekers, and we recruiters are seeing a huge number of applications for our clients’ positions as a result. In one case, this was over 700 candidates for just a single role!

Businesses are truly drowning in CVs at the moment. With so many applicants, you might think that there’s no need to seek the help of a recruitment consultancy. But, in actual fact, support like ours is more important than ever. Why? Let us explain…

Filter through the best

Firstly, they’ll save you a substantial amount of time. They can sort through the mass of CVs to find the applicants that really stand out – and at a much faster pace. After all, the last thing you want during these difficult times is the stress of dealing with never-ending stacks of paper.

Plus, by handing your hiring needs over to a recruitment consultancy, you’ll save the time spent on related tasks. We can also help with:

  • Talent pipelining
  • Salary benchmarking
  • Meeting diversity guidelines
  • Pre-screening candidates
  • Telephone and video interviews
  • Face-to-face interviews on your behalf (both first and second stage if needed)
  • Psychometric and personality testing
  • Right to work and reference checks
  • Providing timely feedback and communication to keep candidates engaged and informed
  • Negotiating an offer on your behalf

Understand the talent pool

Another advantage to a consultancy is their market knowledge. They’ll have significant experience in sourcing for the specialism you require, and will know the market extremely well. Recruiters speak to multiple candidates daily – and so have a much better understanding of what’s happening in the market, including how applicants are behaving (for instance, their reactions in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic). That means you’ll  spend less time explaining what you need and less time is wasted on unsuitable applicants.

Of course, this also means that they’ll know how to attract the best talent – including where to search for them. You may be drowning in CVs, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that the platform you received them from is the best one for finding high-calibre candidates. A recruiter also works on behalf of passive candidates too – those that wouldn’t be available to you otherwise. They might not be actively seeking work, but may be willing to move for the right employer.

Secure those that are in demand

A recruitment agency consultancy will make sure you don’t lose out on these high-quality people as well. With the current number of redundancies, golden candidates who previously wouldn’t have been on the market are now finding themselves looking for somewhere to use their skills – but they won’t be around for long. A recruiter will leverage their extensive market knowledge and work with speed so that your business can be the one to secure them. Plus, at Cast UK, we often approach our clients with candidates we know would fit well in their business, even if  we are not actively recruiting roles for them.

We’re able to deliver such expertise and valuable support because filling your available roles is our main focus. You can be assured that the process is being completed properly, swiftly, and with your best interests at heart.

Our consultancy specialises in sourcing executive and management-level roles in logistics, procurement, HR, business change and transformation, production and operations, supply chain, buying and merchandising, finance, as well as sales & marketing. We have significant experience in each of these unique industries, so you can be certain that we understand your objectives and will land you the very best talent.

So why drown in CVs? Instead, let us discover the right talent to enable your business to develop and grow. To find out more about how we can make recruitment simple, speak to our team today. Contact us on 0333 121 3345 or