Employers know the importance of the candidate experience. There are articles and stats aplenty of just why it matters and why reducing your time-to-hire is critical. Despite this, many employers still have a long-winded recruitment process, seeking to ensure that their next hire is the ‘perfect hire’. If the stats and articles haven’t swayed you yet, maybe it’s because they don’t feel real.

So here are responses from the horses’ mouths, as taken from forums. (The thoroughbreds like Red Rum, not the Shetland ponies taking a chance on a fun day.)

The brutality may just surprise you…
(WARNING: Some explicit material, with lots of swearing. Whilst we’ve made every attempt to block out the swearing, it may still be very obvious what was intended…)

A bad interview process can turn 83% of candidates off your organisation

‘Your candidate experience: Creating an impact or burning cash?’


1. Who has time for this ***?

The original poster that inspired this blog post couldn’t put it better if we tried. The hard workers (the kind you want to employ) often find they are working through their lunch break, so how do they expect you to make up five interview rounds?

Candidates that aren’t applying to become a neurosurgeon are flummoxed by the rigorous process and may be tempted to tell you, “Thanks, but no thanks” (after they’ve ranted about the long-winded process to families and friends in a not-so-polite manner).

2. It indicates that you don’t value their time or you’re incompetent…so why would they want to work for you?

Expecting candidates to jump through hoops for the role reflects poorly on you as an employer. Candidates wonder how you will value their time if they did work for you or whether you know what you’re doing.

As much as your ability to interview well isn’t an indicator of how good you are day-to-day – in fact, most hiring managers we know hate interviewing – candidates don’t see it like that: they simply see incompetence and a lack of respect for their time. Hardly the makings of a great place to work…

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3. An inflexible process indicates you’ll be an inflexible employer

Flexible working is the most sought after benefit that candidates are looking for. If your interview process is only on your terms and doesn’t offer any flexibility, such as out of hours interviews or video interviews, it doesn’t reflect well on you.

As Lesterfreaman99 pointed out:

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4. They may wonder just how bad the day-to-day work is

Other candidates wonder just how much you want to get away from your day-to-day duties if you can sit through so many rounds of interviews.


5. You don’t trust each other’s judgement

This candidate believed it suggested a lack of trust within the company…

…something backed up further down by a hiring manager.

People desire autonomy at work, so if it looks like they won’t be trusted by their seniors, it’s likely they will look elsewhere.

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