At Cast UK, we take our recruitment consultancy training seriously – and we hire people who we believe will take their learning and development seriously too.

So we’re really proud of our most recent hires, who have topped the leaderboard on the most respected external recruitment consultancy training course. Not just for this year’s intake, but for the full 14 years of the course’s history!
Greg Woodworth scored an amazing 97.6%, followed closely by Warren Sharif at 94.8%.

Hannah Keep’s training is one of the most respected in the recruitment industry. There may be other course providers but her academy is the only one regulated by Ofqual.

The academy works with the Institute of Recruiters and its education partners to transform industry standards. The course ensures that delegates understand why it is so important that clients and candidates are respected equally and that consultants have the practical framework to structure their calls and days to exceed their expectations.

Hannah Keep’s Recruitment Consultancy Training: what recruiters learn

Every single one of our new hires undertakes Hannah Keep’s training to complement our extensive in-house onboarding training and continuous learning and development.

There are 28 units in total, but these are some of the reasons you should care as a candidate or client:

  • Time management: A vital course unit, as without effective time management, professional standards slip. It helps ensure proactive communication and a streamlined and efficient recruitment process.

  • Candidate interviewing: This helps consultants understand what people really value and match this with appropriate job roles, assess suitability for roles, and get constructive feedback to establish if a role is the right fit.
  • Taking a job specification: A framework to gather the right information to get the best fit, including skills, experience and personality/culture match.
  • Candidate interview preparation: How to prepare candidates with interviewing techniques that helps them best sell themselves.
  • Client interviewing preparation: Helping clients sell the role and company so that they don’t lose the best candidates.
  • Debriefs: Consultants are encouraged to take ‘placement glasses’ off and use both candidate and client feedback to assess whether the role is a good fit for both parties.
  • Offer and acceptance: Managing the offer process, ensuring that clients and candidates are committed to any offer, dealing with counter-offers and aftercare through to onboarding.
  • Essential law and legislation: This covers the 15 applicable laws and how they apply to the recruitment process.

But why should you care?

If you’re a candidate or an employer, professional training does not guarantee that your recruiter will proactively update you, match you with the best role/candidates or make stressful recruitment processes a lot more bearable.

But it does make it more likely. It shows a dedication to professional standards. Especially if their employer has an ongoing learning and development programme to help consultants constantly improve.

If you’re looking for a new business development/sales opportunity, then it pays to make sure you do your due diligence. Will your employer actively encourage personal development? Will they offer you opportunities for growth? Will they have the right tools in place to ensure you can provide a professional service that leaves your peers chasing to catch up?

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