3 Promotions

A year ago, I was officially promoted from trainee to Consultant after hitting target in consecutive months, and in the last year then I have since been promoted from Consultant to Senior Consultant, and then from Senior Consultant to Team Leader covering Logistics in the South. My route upwards is clearly mapped out with the position of Managing Consultant next on my list.

A 222% Pay increase

Over all it’s been nice to have some extra cash to hand and to save, which has come through hard work throughout the year – Base salary and bonuses paid. Pretty self-explanatory really!

A great work / life balance

Having previously worked in the leisure industry, working long hours, evenings, weekends and bank holidays, I can’t tell you how much I prefer a Monday to Friday working life. It gives me more time to see my family and to take part in social events. (Some of which; Workout Wednesdays boot camp after work, office social events, team nights out, high flyer lunch clubs etc…)

Continuous development

The last 12 months has seen me complete our initial training programme, as well as the Sales Training module and off-site training with Andrew Sillitoe. Not to mention direct mentoring & training from the leadership team here in the office.

Working with a great team

So, I personally work within our Logistics team, which has a fantastic culture between peers. We are a competitive group which also helps to keep you on your toes. Ultimately, we do have a good laugh within the office, but we all know we have to get the work done.

Building genuinely strong relationships with candidates & clients

I recruit within an industry that without doubt has some of the hardest working individuals around. Logistics is a tough industry, with operations working 24/7, on call non-stop, and managers overseeing sites with 1,000+ employees. It’s a tough gig.

One of the things I enjoy most is developing genuine relationships with candidates and clients. I love it that I get to make a difference to people and their working lives, especially when a candidate lands their ideal position and at the same time I solve a pain-point for my client too. Win-Win!

A constant roller-coaster!

I won’t lie to you, recruitment is full of highs & lows, ups & downs. Of course, I have had days when a candidate rejects what I thought was a great offer, or have dropped out of a process halfway through for no apparent reason. The highs make up for it though, it’s a great feeling when things happen, and I have several positions offered & accepted at the end of the week. The sense of achievement is unbeatable and makes for a great weekend!

High Flyer Prizes

So, the best prize in the last year has to be when our entire office went to the Frankfurt Christmas markets for the weekend. I can tell you it was freezing, but a few beverages down, and the beer blanket firmly on we soon settled to the climate. I can’t say I did much Xmas shopping, but we had a laugh & it was great that the entire office, came along for the ride.

The next on the list for the team is our summer trip to Ibiza in August, I am already eyeing up some bright orange budgie smugglers to be on brand.

In the meantime, I have our quarterly Achievers Lunch Clubs to attend – an afternoon out at a top restaurant with all our high flyers to celebrate our successes, not too much of a hardship is it?

Long hours

Yes we do work long hours, yes, we have an orange beer fridge to tempt you on a Friday afternoon, but if you want to work in a business that will train and develop you, build your knowledge, provide you with all the tools you could need, such as new technology including our virtual video interviewing platform BroadCAST, and without doubt give you every help to be able to succeed, Cast UK is a great place to be.