Our MD, Wayne Brophy, summarised our highly successful 2017 and inspired the whole team to make 2018 even bigger and even better. We had our best ever year on record, started working with some fantastic clients and hired brilliant people for our ever-growing team.

Special recognition went to our 4 award winners, who achieved the titles of our 4 carefully chosen award categories, all voted by each person in the business.

Firstly, winning ‘Best Newcomer of the Year’, was Charlie Lambert, who was more than pleased with her win! It’s hard to tell if she was more excited about the award, or more about beating her ‘newcomer rival’, Jack. On her win Charlie commented, “thank you so much for everyone who voted me and thank you for making me feel so welcome as a new starter this year”.

Winning the prestigious ‘Employee of the Year’, was Matthew Owen, who is now a two-time award winner, previously achieving Best Newcomer back in 2015. Commenting on his win, Matthew said “Really happy to have won employee of the year. It was a great year and I look forward to another one”.

When it comes to the Manager of the Year Award, it’s safe to say that the competition was fierce, but in the end the winner went to Gary Robinson, leader of our Logistics division. Gary said, “Delighted to have been voted Manager of the year. The Logistics team produced it’s best ever year and we have set the team up to ensure that we go from strength to strength in 2018”.

Last but certainly not least was the Consultants’ Consultant Award, the consultant who the rest of the team feel is consistently brilliant in all aspects of the job. This award went to Aimée Gleave, now three-time award winner, the most awards achieved in Cast UK history! On her award win Aimée said, “It was very flattering to win this award as it was voted for by my fellow colleagues”.

A huge well done to all of our Award Winners, let the competition begin for 2018!