We’ve outlined some of the do’s and don’ts before you start your video interview and you’ll be set up for success.

What to do to ace the interview…
  • Do a quick check that all equipment is working

Video interviewing often involves using some kind of video call software and you’ll most definitely need a webcam or smartphone and a good internet connection. Don’t leave it until least minute; be prepared and be ready and waiting for the call.

  • Do a practice run

Conduct a test using your system with a friend or colleague; ideally, do a full mock interview at the same time as the test, so you can also get feedback on your interviewing skills.

  • Do choose your surroundings carefully

Make sure you’re in a well light, tidy and quiet room where there’s no risk of someone interrupting you half way through an answer. You’ll need privacy and no distractions so chose your setting well.

  • Do maintain professionalism

Whether you’re in the comfort of your own home or not, it’s still important to act professionally as you would in any other interview scenario. Don’t slouch or sit in your bed, speak slowly and clearly, stay calm, smile and be yourself!

What to avoid…
  • Don’t read off your computer screen or sheets of paper

Try not to use notes or a script to read from for your answers, it will be obvious to the interviewer that you’re reading, and your speech won’t flow naturally. If you must have notes, use prompt cards that you can glance at for reminders.

  • Don’t have any distraction

Close any other windows or programs that you have open, receiving Facebook notifications during your interview is very unprofessional. The only thing on your screen should be the other person’s face; try not to look at yourself during the interview and just look into the camera and at the interviewer.

  • Don’t move around too much

Stay still and focused. Your body language can still be seen via video interview so sit with good posture and definitely don’t use a swivel chair!

  • Don’t wear your pyjamas!

Dress professionally from head to toe. And while you might be tempted, don’t just dress appropriately from the waist up. If for some reason you need to stand up or move, you don’t want your interviewers to see your pyjama bottoms and best button-down shirt and blazer combo!

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