In today’s candidate-led job market, finding the best talent is increasingly difficult; so when you do find a star candidate, making sure that they stay on board is crucial.

You may have your application, short-listing, interview and offer process completely streamlined, but what happens after all of that?

Once your amazing new employee has accepted your offer, how do you manage their post-hire experience? What do you do during their notice period? What experience do they have in their first week on the new job?

You’ve already made a good impression with your chosen candidate and they’ve decided your company is the one they want to work for, now it’s all about building a relationship.

We spoke to our consultants to get their advice on how best to manage the post-hire and onboarding experience, so here’s our top tips:

  • “Keep in touch with the candidate throughout their notice period. If you can, invite them in for a day at the office to meet the team and talk them through their induction”. Adena Romano
  • “I think if there is a longer notice period, regular contact should be encouraged to make the candidate feel valued and involved. Once on-board, regular check-in’s over the first 3 months should help identify issues early on (if any but hopefully not!)”. Rosie Williamson
  • “Reach out and make contact prior to them starting. Obviously your recruiter will be in touch with the candidate on a regular basis but a couple of points of contact from the employer will really add value and make the candidate feel involved and wanted prior to walking through the door on day one”. Kirk Evans
  • “Arrange a meeting with the employee prior to their start date so they can be introduced to their team and manager. Maybe something more informal like going out for a couple of drinks with them or an invite to any company events to break the ice”. Matthew Owen
  • “In the post-hire process employers should schedule in regular reviews with the new employee and so they do not risk them “lost in the system”, they must continually have a clear sense of their role and purpose within the organisation”. Dan Bevan
  • “Ask them to set up their HR details in advance, allow them to book holidays, book days off, etc. so they are part of the team even before they start and give them several points of contact (HR, line manager, director) to communicate regularly with them. You should even ask their opinion and advise on things within the business – make them feel involved!”. Wayne Brophy
  • “Set up everything for them (i.e. have a desk, pens, PC, etc. ready) – it shows you are fully prepared and keen to get them on board. Give them a good induction plan on day one showing what they will be doing for the next few weeks”. Rachel Williams
  • “If a candidate has 2 identical offers on the table, then something needs to be the differentiator and this could be the interview process. After offer and whilst the candidate is waiting to join their new employer, regular contact with them is vital. This should include invites to team meetings and nights out and regular relevant updates on any news regarding the business. If the person requires particular equipment to do their role then making sure this is available, i.e. laptops, mobile, etc.” Gary Robinson

It’s important to remember that your employees are your biggest asset, and if managed effectively, happy employees are the biggest advocates of your company too. Get the post-hire experience right and retain loyal employees for your business.

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