Yesterday our Marketing team and our HR and Training team headed down to Birmingham for the 2016 Recruitment Agency Expo.

It’s safe to say our teams left the expo feeling inspired after spending the day in seminars with some of the industries experts.

We spotted some distinctly common themes arising from all of the seminars and training sessions;

1. Online presence is a given

Having a strong online presence is no longer optional for recruiters, it’s a necessity. Keeping ahead of the competition means being active on social media, having an attractive and functional website and an easy-to-navigate application process.

2. Bring your personality

Recruitment consultants need to step out from behind their desk and be consultative, meeting with their candidates and clients alike to get their personality across and build relationships which are more rewarding & longer lasting.

3. Recruiters are marketeers

Recruitment and marketing are no long two separate functions; recruiters must begin to act as marketers to appeal to the passive candidate market and project their personal brand to clients.

4. One click technology

Technology, alongside marketing, is one of the key drivers of change in the current world of recruitment. Technology is raising the expectations of candidate’s and client’s and the way in which recruiters must engage with them.

5. Customer experience rules

The importance of customer experience for clients and candidates to stay ahead of the increased competition from other recruiters, social media and internal recruitment teams

Overall a highly informative day for all. Now back to the office now to make sure we’re going above and beyond all of the above in everything we’ve taken from the day!