As the whole world tunes in to watch the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, gold-medal deserving logisticians and planners work hard in the background to ensure the games go off smoothly.

In the same way that the Olympians have spent 4 years training for their competitions; the suppliers, planners and logistics professionals have spent the last 4 years organising and coordinating the events so they are executed perfectly, with no room for error.

With more than 3.6 billion viewers worldwide, 306 sporting events, over 140,000 employees to manage and 6000 hours of Olympics related TV coverage, it’s clear that the Rio 2016 Olympics is one of the biggest and logistically complex sporting events in the world.

Organising these events can be challenging for all of the logistics and planning professionals involved. With a change of location every four years, crowds that flock to the host country in their millions, unpredictable weather conditions, and a host country that may not be as prepared as other countries to cope with demands.

Working with high-profile event suppliers like AB InBev and LOCOG as logistics recruiters, we know that people with specialist planning and logistics skills are the key to these events, as each event location has its own set of individual requirements.

Managing Director of Cast UK, Wayne Brophy, explains: “We find that with high-profile events just like the Olympics, a large percentage of the roles available will be short-term opportunities, lasting the duration of the tournament. It is therefore key to recruit the right people from the outset who can hit the ground running and commit everything to their short-term contracts.”

The Rio Olympics is a unique opportunity for skilled logistics professionals to play their part in the delivery of one of the world’s biggest global sporting events. While all eyes will be on the Olympians, for the logisticians working behind the scenes, precision and planning will extend well beyond what viewers see on the TV.

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