There is often a perception that companies slow down on hiring during the summer months but this assumption is simply not true. Take a look and see for yourself, there are just as many vacancies as any other time of year.

Whilst your competition is on holiday, sunbathing in faraway countries, why not steal a march on your opposition and get hunting! The beach is overrated anyway…

Here’s 4 great reasons why you should keep your job search alive over the summer:

1. Chance to re-asses your current position

The slower pace of summer is your chance to step back and assess whether your current role is really working for you and if you’re achieving your goals. If you’re not happy in a job, why wait until January? Update your CV, polish up your elevator pitch and get applying.

2. Get ahead of the competition

Many job seekers take the summer off there is less competition for positions that become available. Less competition means you have a better chance of getting a call, or an interview. Being targeted with your approach to job hunting over the summer will gain you more attention than in a busier season.

3. An easier interview process

With fewer applicants to asses in the selection process makes for an easier decision for the interviewer, putting less pressure on you and potentially speeding up the process.

For many industries, the summer period is the least busy time of the year and things slow down for business meaning arranging interviews is likely to be more convenient for employers. If you’re really lucky the interview process may even be shortened, if your interviewer has to duck out of work for their summer holiday!

4. Better transition into a new role

Summertime is typically a less hectic time to transition to a new job. With many people taking holidays and no Christmas rush, employers tend to have a more relaxed schedule and find themselves time to concentrate on areas like looking for, inducting, training and mentoring new talent. You can also get acquainted with the company when fewer people are in the office and things are slower.

As specialist recruiters ourselves in procurement, buying, supply chain and logistics we see just as many opportunities available as any other time of the year. If you need help with your summer job search take a look through our latest vacancies here or register here to set job alerts suited to you.