Some say that in an intense and competitive job market, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

As specialist recruiters who concentrate on very specific specialisms (procurement, buying, supply chain & logistics), in very specific industries, we would argue that its actually what we know AND who we know that sets us apart.

Using a specialist recruiter means that companies benefit from the following;

1. They know your industry like the back of their hand

  • The time and experience of a specialist recruiter spent recruiting in a certain field over time means they have seen every position available in their industry.
  • They are the best people to understand who is the right fit for these roles and are in a good position to advise companies and employees, they recognise where certain aptitudes and skills fit within your company.
  • Specialist consultants actually have experience in the sector they recruit for, so they understand the industry lingo and technical terms and make it their mission to find the best people for the job.

2. They save you both time & money

  • Specialist consultants can save both their clients and candidates time, as they are able to instantly recognise whether their skills and experience are relevant to the role.
  • You won’t waste any time meeting candidates that aren’t right for the job as they will have been met in person and pre-screened by your recruiter. Application management is done by the consultant.

3. Extended reach to your market & useful industry contacts

  • At Cast UK, all of us have either worked within our specialism previously or have recruited in the industry for many years, therefore we have unrivalled access to the best talent available.
  • Vast database of candidates and excellent contacts that can be easily tapped into, a specialist recruiter is proactive and knows exactly what candidates are on the market, or even before they hit the market!
  • Actively sourcing in their wider networks; online communities, conferences, events, client and candidate meetings.

4. They undertake a rigorous screening process with candidates

  • A specialist recruiter has the tools to run thorough background checks on all candidates prior to sending them forward to interview with you.
  • Initial screening interviews will take place to ensure that the candidate lives up to the promises they make on their CV and to assess where their experience is best utilised.

5. They provide advice for client based on benchmarking within the industry.

  • As your consultant deals with candidates in your field every day, they know the salary expectations of someone with the skills and experience that you are looking for. They can therefore advise on what salary and the type on benefits to offer to attract your target market.
  • Nothing is left to chance, you work with a specialist recruiter on an exclusive basis and have much more control on how the assignment is executed in the market place, in a structured and methodical way.

6. They prepare candidates for all aspects of the role.

  • They will advise candidates on how to deal with the interview, market information, CV specialisation, interview prep, industry networking opportunities- at no cost to yourself.
  • Your recruiter will have a great understanding of the companies they work with, including their culture, values and current employees, so they can provide the candidate with a great insight into the team they will be a part of.
  • Advice on what the role involves and what is expected as they will recruit for similar roles every day and may have even done the job themselves previously.