After last week’s news that the UK would be leaving the European Union, it appears we have entered a period of uncertainty whilst the future for businesses across the UK remains unclear.

Companies may choose to put recruitment efforts on hold until we know more about what ‘Brexit’ will mean for our businesses. One thing that is for certain for many businesses is that they will have to make changes in the near future – changes which are likely to require specialist skills to take a business in new directions.

Because of this, demand for interim managers specialising in buying, procurement, supply chain & logistics is likely to increase over the coming months. Here are some of the ways in which an interim manager can relieve the pressures on your company;

1. Hiring an interim manager provides a short term solution to the need for specific skills and experience, without making any commitment to permanent or long-term hires. An interim professional will deliver expert advice to provide stability in a changing business environment.

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2. In a time of business uncertainty, interim managers can provide speedy results and help to make critical decisions quickly, reducing the pressure on your existing management team. Interim managers can be assigned to a business in as little as 24 hours and to adapt to new environments, systems and procedures quickly and efficiently.

3. Head count risk can be reduced by hiring an interim professional instead of a permanent employee as they do not require employer’s liability, National Insurance, pensions or bonuses. This means that they can come on board with minimal financial consequences.

4. Interim managers will take a strategic approach to coach other employees and are in a great position to help businesses negotiate the potential economic difficulties of the exit from the EU.

5. Interim managers are specialists in change management and will be an asset to businesses that are undergoing transformation or adapting to a new set of rules or processes, which may well arise as a consequence of leaving the EU.

6. Interim managers offer meaningful return on investment derived through their skills, experience, coaching, knowledge transfer, mitigation of risk and flexible working options. For more reasons as to why you should hire a contractor visit: 4 reasons to hire a contractor.

If you think that an interim professional could be the answer for your business in this period of uncertainty, call one of our dedicated team today 0161 825 0825. To find out more about our interim recruitment service click here.