We have been interviewing consultants from different areas and levels of the business, finding out why they chose a career in the recruitment industry and more specifically, why Cast UK?

After chatting to our expert consultants, we have derived the top 10 best things about working at Cast UK:

1. Training & development

If there’s one thing our consultants appreciate when starting their career in recruitment, it’s the readily available training and support from their colleagues. Rosie Williamson says, “There’s great support and mentoring from the other staff, everyone here is really friendly, welcoming and helpful”.

During our structured introductory training programme, all of our consultants gain a clear understanding of the recruitment cycle, our industry sectors and business development processes, whilst getting to know their colleagues and settling in.

2. Work hard, play hard culture

We subscribe to the philosophy of “work hard – play hard”. While we’re results-driven and highly competitive, we also think it’s important not to take ourselves too seriously. George Collier says, “It’s really good fun here. I feel like everyone gets on with each other really well and it’s very relaxed”.

3. Our team

All of the consultants that we interviewed told us that their team had to be the best thing about working for Cast UK. It’s clear that people thrive in environments that are built on trust, mutual respect, honesty and a healthy dose of fun and we like to think that’s how things work here. Being part of a great team is about being supported and challenged but at the same time, having a laugh with the people around you. Dan Whitmore says, “It sounds really cheesy but my team are the best thing about working here, I always have a great time with my colleagues”.

4. Opportunity

Every member of our team is encouraged to develop, excel and progress. Matt Owen said, “Wayne, our Managing Director, is really big on progressing everyone through the business where possible and concentrating on everyone’s self-development”.

We actively influence career progression through ongoing training, support and mentoring to prepare you for a management role. It’s worth noting that all of managing consultants have been promoted from within!

5. Uncapped commission

We offer industry leading salaries and bonuses that are aligned to achievable success. Unlike many other recruitment consultancies, the commission structure at Cast UK is uncapped, meaning there is no limit on what you can earn in return for your hard work. Andrew Barret says, “With Cast UK, the more you put in, the more you get out. So if you’re putting a lot of effort in then you really can see the results through your financial earnings”.

6. Orange towers!

Our office and working environment are energetic and vibrant to say the least! If you don’t like the colour orange, you might want to think twice about applying. Cast UK office space offers the best facilities and resources for our team to have everything they need at their disposal. Patty Buwaj says “Our brightly coloured orange office always puts a smile on my face when arriving at work on a Monday morning; it keeps your spirits up!”.

7. Technology

When it comes to our systems and technology, only the best will do. Our business is full of ‘techy’ people and we invest heavily in developing our systems to give everyone the tools they need to provide the most effective and efficient service possible. Gareth Dixon says, “We have a lot of tech-savvy people here, so the business stays young, very fast paced and up-to-date with technology”.

8. Never standing still

We are continually investing in the future! As it say’s in our signature Steps to Success, ‘Always striving for better, we never stand still’. Cast UK has enjoyed year on year growth for the last decade and now we’re expanding at high speed, looking to double the size of our team in 2016. We are always in search of the next rising stars to join our business and continue our growth for years to come.

9. Benefits

From duvet days to luxury £5000 holidays, the benefits on offer at Cast UK are unrivalled. To keep up with the needs of our health-crazy team, we provide membership to an onsite gym, free fruit and drinks in the office as well as personal training fitness sessions, if you think you’re up to it!

10. A great social life (and the beer fridge!)

Quarterly team nights’ out and post-work drinks are a part of our ‘work hard – play hard’ culture, not to mention the office beer fridge for when you just need a cold beverage on a Friday afternoon! Dan Bevan says, “We have a lot fun, on Fridays we usually crack open a few beers in the office which isn’t something I’d come across before working at Cast UK”.

We also have annual company trips to Chester Races and a legendary Christmas party that gets better and better every year. We also offer Team High Flyer holidays, available every quarter for teams that have hit their targets. This quarter’s High Flyer break is a long weekend in Ibiza…!

If you would like to join our growing team, contact Rachel on 0161 413 6901 or email rachelwilliams@castuk.com

To find out more about the roles available with Cast UK, visit our ‘Join Us’ page here.