Gareth Dixon joined Cast UK 6 years ago coming from a large global recruitment company with a background of having worked in Supply Chain.

Gareth is now one of our Senior Consultants on the Interim and Contract team, recruiting interim professionals into the FMCG sector roles across the UK. We talked to Gareth about his time with company to date and what he enjoys the most about working for Cast UK.

1. What attracted you most about a career with Cast UK?

It was a business that was growing; when I joined the business there was 4 people and now there is 27, but I always knew that we were going to grow that big. So the attraction for me was really joining a growing business.

2. How would you describe the Cast UK culture?

We are definitely a young and fast paced culture. We invest very heavily in IT, so we have got many people in the business that are very much into being tech-savvy and that sort of thing. So, above all; young, fast paced and in to technology.

3. What has been your biggest success with Cast UK so far?

I’ve seen the business grow, and throughout the time of the business growing I’ve worked on many of the different teams. When I joined there was pretty much two teams; now we’re up to five and I’ve been a part of a few of those teams, their conception and their growth. So for me, it’s being here over that 6-year period and having the ability to have made an impact on those new teams and see them grow.

4. How would you describe our working environment?

The environment at Cast UK is very fresh, fresh is the word that I would use to describe it here. The office is very open plan, we have good facilities and it’s the investment in technology that is delivering back to the people here to give everyone the best tools possible.

5. What do you think of the benefits that Cast UK offers to employees?

I have been away with Cast UK as a part of achieving team high flyers targets. We’ve been to hotels and had spa days; that’s the sort of thing that the business likes to do. We go every year to the Chester Races which is an absolutely fantastic day out. We have quarterly team building events that are put on by the company which makes it a great environment to be a part of.

6. What advice would you give to any sales professional considering a career with Cast UK?

If you like an environment that is open plan, fresh and where the business invests a lot in technology to give everyone the best tools that they can have at their disposal then Cast UK is the company to join. We’re very collaborative in our approach as well, as opposed to being selfish in a sales environment. That’s the kind environment that I would describe as having here, and if that fits the bill of what you’re look for then great!

7. Finally, what do you enjoy the most about working at Cast UK?

It’s got to be the people for me! We have a habit of employing like-minded people. You’ll find that there aren’t any ‘cliques’ here at Cast UK; I’ve worked at other places and I know that there can be. For me, all of the people that we bring in to the business get on really well and that’s what I enjoy about working at Cast UK.

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