I have worked in recruitment for 7 years after joining Cast UK in 2008. I spent the first couple of years as a consultant then moved on to manage a number of successful teams. During that time and even to this day, it surprises me how many candidates and clients don’t make the most of their recruitment consultant.

In our office, our consultants are encouraged to be consultative in their role. We want to be maximised and challenged and we take an immense amount of satisfaction in finding someone their ideal next role and finding a client their next rising star.

To get the best out of your recruitment consultant I recommend following these simple steps;

1) Communication should be two way. Don’t shy away from regular contact with your consultant to ascertain what they are doing for you in your job search.

2) Carefully consider the vacancies that you apply for. If you’re unsure if you fit the criteria then speak to the consultant for advice before submitting your CV. A scatter-gun approach will not work in your favour and may even work against you.

3) Be clear from the outset why you’re looking and exactly what you want from your new role. If you don’t know, then you can’t expect the consultant to find what you want!

4) Set yourself realistic expectations for your next job & salary and seek advice from your consultant if you’re unsure.

5) During any interview process be up front with your consultant when discussing your feedback. Address any concerns immediately and after each stage of the process rather than at offer stage. It’s often too late to ask critical questions at offer stage & if you do the client may wonder why you haven’t asked them earlier, leading to doubts about your commitment.

6) Use your consultant to proof read any presentations that you need to do as part of the recruitment process. It is likely that they have already met the client so be sure to get as much information as possible on the client’s preferences.

7) Take the time to meet your consultant. The chances of your consultant finding you your next role will increase significantly if they have a clear understanding of your personality & who you are. Often “culture fit” is just as important as skills & experience.


1) Be really selective in which consultant you use and how many consultants you engage with. Too many consultants can be counterproductive and can also result in extra work, swamping your desk with CVs.

2) Choose an industry specialist who knows your market inside out. High street recruiters won’t be able to fill specialist positions as quickly as someone who knows your function or sector in depth.

3) Insist on meeting your chosen consultant before they go out into the market and represent your organisation. Company image is crucial to attracting the best talent & any consultant you use needs to portray the best impression on your behalf.

4) Be 100% transparent regarding what you do and do not want in a candidate, this is often taken for granted and can add significant time to a process if not clearly identified at the outset.

5) Set agreeable strict deadlines for the recruitment process. The longer a process the more likely you are to miss out on great talent.

6) Take advantage of your consultant’s knowledge. A credible consultant will provide advice guide on the state of the market, typical salaries and where the best candidates can be sourced from.

7) Seek to build a long term relationship. Recruitment consultants are an extension of your business and potentially developing a working partnership can save time and money recruiting future roles..

Whether you’re a candidate or a client, to get the best out of your recruitment consultant you must communicate regularly and openly with them. Omitting important information will cause problems later or could even ensure you miss out on the perfect role or candidate!