Continuing our celebration of Cast UK’s 10th Anniversary, here’s another blog based on the number “10”.

After my post about “Top Ten Candidate Excuses”, it only seemed fair to balance it out with a “Top Ten of Client Excuses”. I should point out that the excuses listed below have been collated over the ten years we have been operating!

Here goes;

10. “The candidate had a limp handshake.”

9. Our MD was once escorted off a client site after refusing to negotiate on fees!

8. A client decided not take on the candidate because their personality profile was too similar to the hiring manager’s.

7. A client came back with feedback and confirmed the candidate would not be taken through to second stage. Apparently, when he sat down for the interview he asked the client “How’s your wife and how’s your mistress?” the Client did not think it was an appropriate way to start the meeting!

6. A candidate was rejected as too boring and making them almost fall asleep during the interview.

5. Once a client refused to offer a candidate a role following an interview process as the commute was too far. The candidate however, lived in the same town as the client and would have been travelling to exactly the same location…

4. The most common excuse from clients is “the role is now on hold”. We have even had it once when we have asked for feedback on a candidate that the client had interviewed, and they told me “the role is now on hold”. Yet we had placed that role with another candidate and they simply forgot that we were the same recruiter who had placed it!

3. A client admitted the reason for the vacancy was that the previous person was fired for sleeping with his wife!

2. “The candidate had a ponytail and the Operations Director doesn’t like men with ponytails.”

1. A client rejected a candidate as he stood in dog muck before the interview and walked it through their office!