Gary Robinson, director at specialist recruitment company, Cast UK, with the support of colleagues, friends and family, raised £1000 for the Critical Care Unit at Warrington General Hospital, which saved his brother’s life following cardiac arrest at the age of 27.

In February, Robert Robinson, Gary’s brother, suffered cardiac arrest in the early hours of the morning. After family and paramedics performed CPR and managed to get him breathing again, Robert was taken to the resuscitation and critical care unit at Warrington General where he remained in a coma under the vigil watch of nurses and doctors for 36 hours.

Robert awoke and, with no signs of permanent brain damage, five months later has made a full recovery and is hoping to return to his job as a physics teacher at Birchwood High School in Warrington. The cause of his cardiac arrest remains unknown while further tests are being carried out, however, doctors are testing for Long QT Syndrome.

To show appreciation for the outstanding care his brother received, Gary raised £1000 for the hospital as a result of sponsorship for his participation in this year’s Liverpool Marathon.

Gary said: “I was completely overwhelmed with how much friends, family and colleagues were willing to help support the hospital that looked after Robert. We are so grateful for the nurses and doctors at Warrington General and, in my eyes, they are heroes.  The marathon was hard work, but it was the least I could do to show my appreciation to the medical team who saved my brother’s life.”