According to a recent survey by SLI connect UK83% of retail brands are paving the way for a customer-focused future using an omnichannel strategy. The survey also revealed that 53% of respondents have an omnichannel strategy in place today and that significant differences exist in the attitudes exhibited by pure online versus online and offline retailers regarding the multi-channel experience.

The survey also highlights:

  • 100% of brands see mobile as a key channel
  • 85% of brands are implementing new technologies to go omnichannel
  • 64% of brands are going omnichannel through repurposed budgets
  • Online-only and offline e-commerce retailers have different understandings of omnichannel, with few online-only brands exploring offline opportunities

With an estimated three million people working in the retail sector and the rapid take-up of omnichannel strategies, brands will need to ensure that retail staff understand and embrace the value in using technology and social media when engaging with customers.

Specialist recruitment agency,Cast UK, says that while the use of omnichannel strategies is a step forward in modernising the retail sector; the challenge will be in finding candidates and employees who possess the right skills, as well as the personality and fit, to deal with the integration of agent-assisted channels such as mobile and tablet devices.

Commenting on these challenges, managing director at Cast UK, Wayne Brophy said: “Omnichannel retailing gives brands the opportunity to truly engage with customers on a very deep and personal level via tablets, mobiles and even personal social networking sites.

“These channels establish trust in a brand, which needs to be carefully managed and that starts with employing the right people. Anyone hoping to secure a position with retail brands should be aware of the omnichannel shift, embrace these new methods of communicating and understand the value in creating seamless buying experience from hyperspace to the high street.”