The recovery in UK car production in the automotive sector, highlighted by a 12 per cent increase in March against the same month in 2013, is indicative of a growing demand from Europe, according to the Society for Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).

This is having a ripple effect in recruitment, with experts at Cast UK witnessing an uplift in the automotive sector in Q1 of 2014.

This, coupled with the government’s injection of £500m to boost the ultra-low emission vehicle industry, is a positive sign for the industry. The investment, which includes £100m for R&D funding, will further bolster job opportunities in a sector that has experienced major fluctuation.

Commenting on the movement in the market, Mark Nesbit, managing consultant at specialist recruitment company, Cast UK, said: “The recovery of the European automotive market is encouraging. The continued success story of Jaguar Land Rover’s expansion into international markets, along with other OEMs, has certainly seen positive growth for their first and second tier suppliers across the country.

“The expertise here in the UK within automotive research and development has long been evident, particularly at the cutting edge of Formula 1, with many of the leading teams based in ‘Motorsport Valley’. The government’s commitment to electric technology will see an exciting new phase of growth in the industry and will open up more opportunities for the best engineering talent the UK has to offer.”