In a recent interview with Supply Management, Nick Jenkinson, head of indirect procurement at Aryzta, said switching sectors helps to push people out of their comfort zone and develop more skills.

“You can get quite comfortable and that’s not necessarily how you develop,” said Jenkinson. “You develop yourself by constantly trying to push out of your comfort zone, and evolve your own range of skills.

“Think about what development you need and how can you actually gain the experience you need to develop that skillset. It could be in your current industry, but a move into another industry may be exactly what you need.”

Adding to Jenkinson’s comments, Mark Nesbit,  managing consultant at specialist procurement, buying, supply chain and logistics recruitment company CAST UK, said: “Given the opportunity, procurement leaders should welcome the chance to make the leap into other industries.

“Changes in culture, environment and procurement processes and methodologies really broaden the skillsets of professionals, consequently enhancing their marketability. This is particularly true for indirect procurement specialists, like Jenkinson at Aryzta, whose category expertise ensures candidates remain attractive for positions across the professional services sectors and the full spectrum of industry through FMCG, Engineering and beyond.

“Furthermore, this diversification is often the platform for movement into consultancy and interim work, which gives individuals the confidence to excel in new environments. Many of the industry leaders we represent and recruit for can identify a particular career move that served as the springboard for their success, and the best ‘next step’ is not always the most obvious one.”