Great start to the week for the Cast UK team – an excellent testimonial for our Research Consultant, Dion West, and Purchasing Consultant, Nicola Hough, from Kay Power, Junior Buyer at B&M Retail: 

“Dion was extremely helpful and instrumental alongside his colleague Nicola Hough at Cast UK in helping me get my job as a Junior Buyer.

A thoroughly nice chap who breaks the mould of consultancy, it was refreshing to deal with a consultant (well consultants!) who has personality and cares about where they place their candidates. So many consultants barely remember your name and will try and place you anywhere for a quick quid!

This wasn’t the case here and I feel that if I ever need his services again, I know that I can rely on him 100% as Dion is an honest, hard-working and upstanding professional.

I am now embarking on an exciting chapter in my career thanks to all of the above.”