Francis Maude, minister for the Cabinet Office, has given word that Steria Limited was recently appointed as a partner in Shared Services Connected Limited (SSCL), a Joint Venture company.

This is part of the government’s plan to change back-office operations as well as create consolidation when it comes to transaction functions government-wide – something it’s claimed may be able to play a part in saving taxpayers some £400 million to £600 million yearly.

In its role as Shared Services Connected Limited private sector partner, Steria is set to be responsible for running one of two so-called Independent Shared Services Centres, this one called ISSC2. It follows arvato becoming private sector partner for ISSC1.

To start with, ISSC2 is set to be made up of several pre-existing shared service centres.

The biggest of these is under the operation of the Department for Work and Pensions, with the Environment Agency and Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs also set to become part of SSCL.

Certain elements that make up UK Shared Business Services Ltd’s operation are going to be joining, too. The expectation is that more public bodies, government agencies and departments will join in future.

Procurement services are one of the things that SSCL is set to deliver. Others are finance services and HR services.

“Steria Limited has set out a compelling vision for how they will work with us to help government deliver back office functions more efficiently and, ultimately, more competitively,” commented Mr Maude.

“A key part of the Civil Service Reform plan is making government more unified, enabling civil servants to focus on delivering exceptional public services.”

He went on to say that it made sense that departments and agencies of the government, alongside public bodies, shared expertise and services so taxpayers didn’t need to pay “for duplicate services”

Such bodies will have the chance to focus on the provision of services, instead of the management of back office functions, he went on.

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