It would appear that the nation is slowly uncrossing its fingers. The UK’s GDP is up 0.8% and confidence of growth is returning to the housing market. While there’s still a long way to go (not least in a reduction in the cost of living, which is being squeezed by high energy bills), we can be pretty confident that a certain buoyancy has returned to Britain.

While we’re not going to jump to any rash conclusions based on our own experience, it is worth mentioning that our own recruitment (i.e. the consultants we are taking on ourselves) has been on the up. We’re dealing with more enquiries and positions than for some time. Our Q3 saw a considerable growth and we see no signs of that abating by the time we’re doing our Q4 sums.

Thanks to the increase in activity we are employing more consultants than ever. Because we offer a personal service to employers and employees alike, we can’t possibly deal with such increases through upgrading our software or simply outsourcing tasks. We have to do what we do for our clients and find the best people for the jobs.

The reason we’re covering this is (apart from some gentle self-backpatting!) that our own experience must signal a general growth in our sector. And since that is basically moving products and materials to and from factories and into retail and wholesale, any growth in our industry can only be read as an increase in sales generally – or at least a return of confidence and increased investment.

Of course the nation is still not yet firing on all cylinders, but that crucial return of confidence, which through our own statistics we believe is happening, can only mean that businesses will soon be ready to start hiring more full-time staff and the cycle of growth will continue.