Improvement work is set to be carried out at Birmingham’s A452 Chester Road following proposals for this work being approved by  Baroness Kramer, the transport minister, on Thursday (October 24th).

Full (final) Approval has now been given, meaning work can start.

The layout of the road is set to be improved, with the Department for Transport reporting that work on the road is necessary for cutting down on congestion, making traffic flow better and creating more favourable conditions where people travelling on foot or by bike are concerned.

There will be a widening of the carriageway at the roundabout at Junction 5 of the M6, as well as at the Fort Parkway and Chester Road roundabout, while a signalised junction will be provided at Berrandale Road and Chester Road.

For some of the road, the current dual carriageway in operation is going to be widened, adding a third lane, meanwhile.

This improvement initiative gained funding approval towards the end of 2011, and it is forecast to be completed during the spring of 2015.

“This road carries heavy traffic creating poor access, environmental problems and a lack of reliable journey times for public transport, freight operations and private cars,” commented Baroness Kramer.

“These improvements will improve the network for road users; improve bus journey times and improve pedestrian and cyclist safety.”

Besides cutting down on congestion, the work would support the city in keeping businesses in place locally, she said, and encourage more regeneration and investment there.

The government is going to give up to £8.328 million of the project’s total £11.703 million cost.

“The £8.3 million we are putting into this scheme shows that the coalition government is serious about investing in the infrastructure the country needs to drive economic growth,” added Liberal Democrat politician Baroness Kramer.

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