On Saturday 7th September, Cast UK’s Logistics Director, Gary Robinson, completed the infamous Tough Mudder event in Skipton, Yorkshire.  He undertook the challenge to raise much needed funds for one of Cast UK’s designated charities – Clip Clop Ponies.

Tough Mudder is a gruelling 12 mile assault course designed by the Special Forces to test the challengers all around strength, stamina, mental grit, and camaraderie.

With the exception of a couple of minor injuries, Gary was back in work on Monday still on a high from completing the event.  “Tough Mudder is certainly an event that I would recommend to everybody.  If you take part in a team as I did, it’s an enjoyable event despite the tough obstacles”

The main driver for Gary taking part in the event was the opportunity to raise money for a charity supported by Cast UK called Clip Clop Ponies.  The charity uses rescue and rehabilitated ponies to provide hands on therapy for children and families affected by autism and other psychological problems.

As a keen supporter of the charity, Gary is delighted to assist in raising much needed funds.  “The charity receives no funding and is wholly dependent on charitable donations and fund raising events.  Given the vital support they provide to children affected by autism, it is always pleasing to be able to offer support”.

Already looking ahead to his next challenge, rumour has it that Gary is looking to return to Tough Mudder in 2014, this time completing the challenge twice, back to back.

If you would like to donate to Clip Clop ponies then please contact Erika Robinson on 07738 415119 or clipclopscic@gmail.com