In preparation for the Chancellor’s 2013 Spending Review, the Freight Transport Association (FTA) is urging George Osborne and the government to protect infrastructure spending. FTA says logistics operations throughout the UK need investment and that cuts would be detrimental to quality service, along with expansion.

With parcel delivery services like DPD experiencing substantial growth, the stability of infrastructure networks is crucial to allow expansion meet its full potential.

To improve their chances of securing government funding, FTA is reminding the Coalition of the emphasis they have placed on investment in the UK’s infrastructure networks. Furthermore, the organisation has advised George Osborne that state funding will encourage private investment, stimulate growth across the sector and throughout the UK economy. In addition, FTA says steady funding will help networks keep pace with growing demands.

In its plea to the chancellor, the FTA calls for:

– An increased focus on protecting existing assets and a revised roads maintenance strategy.

– Financial support to share the costs of increased road connectivity, linking public motorways to private ports.

– An increase in night flight capability within the UK, increasing both domestic and international delivery rates. In relation to this, FTA is calling for a final decision regarding increased airport capacity in south-east England.

– A holistic approach that takes local implications into consideration, along with national impact.

– Continued support of improvements to rail freight facilities.

– Increased investment in high priority routes identified by FTA members.

– Resumed spending for projects currently classified as on-hold as a result of earlier spending cuts.

FTA’s director of policy, Karen Dee, defended calls for spending by saying: "With competitiveness vital to securing economic growth and job creation, FTA believes that the measures it has put forward to the chancellor would not only deliver long-term benefits through improved connectivity for UK industry, but would also provide a welcome additional boost to the economy during construction and give businesses the confidence necessary to invest, develop and innovate to support their customers."

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