Clip Clop Ponies is a remarkable charity with ambitions to match its impressive achievements. They have managed to address two societal needs and connect them to create a harmonious blend of helping youngsters and providing animal welfare.

The story starts with the charity rehabilitating unwanted ponies and horses, of which there are over 6000 in the UK. As well as getting the love and attention they deserve, they are used to help children with autism and other psychological problems – and their families. The process of caring for these equine therapists really helps with bonding and character building, and can go a long way in the children’s development. Plus it’s a great way of getting out and about in the fresh air and becoming active.

Needless to say, this operation can’t be carried out from an office; they need space – the more the better. That’s land for stables and green fields for the ponies to exercise and feed in, and if it is to be local to the community, it doesn’t come cheap.

They have recently moved their ponies to more suitable local grounds but the area requires a large amount of redevelopment to make it safe and suitable for the children to attend.  The new grounds need a lot of labour, man hours and dedication from volunteers.  As it is non profit organisation they also rely heavily on donations of materials and finances to ensure the charity can continue operating and providing their vital service.

That’s where Cast UK’s Logistics MD Gary Robinson comes in.  Last week he gathered a team of volunteers who gave up their weekend to work at the new premises and assist in the start of bringing the new premises up to the required standard.  Dozens of fence posts and barriers were erected, outbuildings were made safe, waterproofed and painted and a new ‘Welcome’ sign is in the process of being designed and constructed.

This is a cause close to Gary’s heart and he is determined to ensure the charity gets all the help it needs to continue it vital work.  “Clip Clop ponies provide a vital community service to children with autism, their families and young children in general,” he said. “Val, the General Manager of Clip Clop Ponies, dedicates all of her time to the charity and works tirelessly to ensure the children have an enjoyable experience.”

Valerie Kear, Clip Clop Ponies General Manager, commented “on behalf of Clip Clop Ponies I wish to express a massive heartfelt thank you to Gary and his unique team of volunteers, who willingly gave up their weekend to help Clip Clops. Gary and his team worked tirelessly to transform our bare field into a safe haven for the children with alternative needs and their families. I was overwhelmed by the dedication and commitment given to help our unique organisation. We very much look forward to seeing Gary and his team at our re-opening in July.”

We’ll keep you updated on the progress of the charity. Meanwhile if any readers would like to donate money, volunteer to do some work or offer something material, please get in touch with Erika Robinson on 07738 415119. We all know the logistics industry can make the earth move when called upon, so hopefully you might be inspired to help these kids – and their four-legged friends.