As attitudes and legislation have changed over the past two decades, the need and desire to have comprehensive recycling and responsible waste disposal have greatly affected the refuse industry. One of the companies rising to the challenge is Viridor, a renewable energy and waste management company that serves both the domestic and commercial markets.

In the bad old days, all rubbish was taken away in bin lorries and dumped in landfill sites, regardless of whether it was dangerous or valuable. As the industry matured, however, waste management became a mammoth logistical operation, with waste being categorised and channelled to where it can be reused, repurposed or disposed of carefully. Viridor is at the forefront of this new way of thinking, and operates from 320 locations around the UK. But this added complexity needs the best people to manage operations, which is why they used Cast UK to source a top transport manager.

Cast UK is a recruitment consultancy with a difference. They are dedicated to finding managers and executives for three closely linked areas that keep industry moving: supply chain, logistics and procurement. They are qualified to do this because their founder and all subsequent consultants cut their professional teeth organising the sourcing, storage and movement of goods and raw materials in these trades. It fills employers and candidates with confidence to know that the people they use to provide shortlists for vacancies understand the nature of the positions.

Cast UK successfully helped fill the transport manager vacancy, and the consultancy’s founder and managing director, Wayne Brophy, was delighted with the appointment. “Viridor is a huge company and their operations are vital to the smooth running of the nation,” he said. “It’s good to know that we’re playing a part in their mission. We had already found managers for Churngold, which Viridor acquired last year, so we know it’s not just in waste management that they get use out of things again and again!”