Most people probably don’t care how their pharmaceutical products reach their drug cabinets as long as they get there. But behind each packet is a mighty and complicated supply chain that moves these products from factories to retailers and other suppliers. One company, UDG, has designs on the UK’s top spot when it comes to this market, so they asked specialist recruitment consultancy Cast UK to find them a client account manager.

UDG was founded in 1996 and specialise in pharmaceutical, healthcare, veterinary and consumer products, offering storage, distribution and IT services. Storage and distribution have particularly complex needs because of the specific conditions the products need to be kept in, for example whether they can be kept at ambient temperature or need to be refrigerated, frozen or cryogenically handled. Ensuring clients’ needs are met in such a critical marketplace is the job of the account manager they sought.

Cast UK was well placed to handle this appointment because they only recruit in the fields of supply chain, logistics and procurement at managerial and executive level. But their focus on these sectors does not end with the actual recruitment; all the consultants they employ are from the same backgrounds, so when a client calls offering a new position, Cast UK understand the role quickly and will be able to speak to potential candidates with authority.

The position was filled by one of Cast UK’s shortlisted candidates who had a background in both management and pharmaceuticals. Wayne Brophy, Cast UK’s managing director, summed up the appointment thus: “At every step of the process, from when we hear about the position to the final acceptance of the job by the successful candidate, employers and candidates know they are dealing with a consultancy that understands their profession, not just a conveyor belt of vacancies and applicants. While there’s a place for that simple model of recruitment, it’s not appropriate for the kinds of managerial and executive roles we fill. Cast UK genuinely had common interests with both parties in the vacancy.”