There’s a new kid on the block in the delivery game, and it’s growing into the number one choice for a number of businesses. It’s called Yodel and if you haven’t seen one of their bright green vans yet, you surely will in the run-up to Christmas. Yodel was formed in 2010 when the well established Home Delivery Network acquired the domestic branch of DHL Express (UK), Parcelpoint. But Yodel is more than a rebranding of this venture; they have also installed a complete new business model that they believe will revolutionise home delivery in the UK.

As with any restructuring operation, new skills were required by Yodel at managerial level to put into motion the new ways of doing things. Being a major logistics player, they asked Cast UK to help them find candidates for two new roles: operations manager and service delivery manager. Yodel were keen to bring customer service and relationships to the heart of the roles, which might sound obvious, but was actually showing signs of strain as the traditional delivery models became ever more digitised.

Cast UK is a recruitment consultancy operating out of offices in Manchester, London and Birmingham, but rather than taking on any vacancies, they specialise in finding managers and executives for the logistics, procurement and supply chain fields. That means dealing with both major companies specialising in these areas and the relevant departments of manufacturers, retailers and suppliers. The company’s focus on the three areas extends to their consultants, too; a requirement of working as a Cast UK consultant is good experience of managing in logistics, supply chain or procurement.

After helping Yodel to fill both posts, Wayne Brophy, founder and managing director of Cast UK, was hopeful that they will be the first of many. “Yodel is still a new company and is putting its master plan into action in its mission to change home delivery,” he said. “We have proved more than able to find managers with not only the required skills but also a thirst to succeed in the early days of what could become a massive force in the highly competitive delivery market.”