Food manufacturer Nestle has promoted its head of the Europe zone supply chain so he will now command the company globally.

Chris Tyas will become the head of the company's entire supply chain after the promotion takes effect on July 1st. He is replacing Tony Borg who is moving to become responsible for the North American branch of the supply chain.

Klaus Peter Brickwedde will become the new head of European Nestle, moving away from his current role in Germany, when the job move is complete.

The new global chief's career covers over three decades of service in the food industry. He not only has experience in supply chains, but manufacturing and human resources within Britain and Europe.

During his time with Nestle UK Mr Tyas commanded several initiatives with retailers to improve their on-shelf availability and increase efficiency.

He has also used his skills outside of the supply chain business. Several non-profit organisation have benefited from his expertise. He co-chaired at Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) UK and was vice chairman at Global Standards One (GS1). Mr Tyas has also put much effort and time into encouraging others to improve themselves and uses his knowledge in the area to help develop talent in the sector.

Mr Tyas will command the Swiss manufacturer's worldwide supply chain function, which supports its local and regional markets across all areas. The team is divided by four strands of manufacturing, covering demand and supply planning, physical logistics, customer supply chain and supply chain systems.

Many people who have worked in his teams have been promoted into supply chain jobs higher up in Nestle's operation all around the world.

Nestle was founded in 1866 and is now the largest food company in the world. It has a range of products including baby food, ice cream, breakfast cereals and coffee.

Mr Tyas said that he is looking forward to the challenges the new role will hold for him. He added: "It perfectly blends the need for strong supply chain execution in the local markets with the opportunity of creating global best practice to help our markets improve their performance."